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 Cai DU - ID: 1461116
 Name:  Cai DU
 IP & Posted by: on May 4, 2019 at 1:20pm
 Updated by:  July 22, 2019 at 9:13pm
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  51
 Height:  6 Feet 0 Inches (183 cm)
 Weight:  175 lbs (80 kg)
 Body Type:  Slim
 From City:  Little Saigon
 State/Province:  California
 Zip:  9$$$$$
 Country:  United States
 Religion:  No Religion
 Education:  Will tell you later
 Smoker:  Non-smoker
 Drinker:  Not drink at all
 Marital Status: Single
 My goal:  me lol TRUCKER, members of long haul group; ASIAN trucker worldwide; Vietnamese trucker association; Certificate of Enrollment of USDOT.GOV. Unlike BUMP PIMP scammers and hackers robotcall. I'm telling you the true - that is - I'm very lol no hide no lie. Just enjoy another day call me lol. Using strong word's not good but, Scammers hackers bump pimp rapists all sex offender never nice or sweet. CHS TRUST SCAM 8 thousands Vietnamese people and how many in among that 8 thousands was committed suicide! Here, below Robert Nguyen was ip & posted by: Oh, sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold - guessing who that's Nigerian stupid SCAM after GOOGLE search. Another BUMP, Nick Pampilin, San Francisco, California. Ip & posted by: Once again after GOOGLE search. Umm, this is my drop, we not supposed to be here conversations for - when, this BUMP located in Malaysia. Not by hearsay but by police reports Vietnamese scammer washed several NAIL SALONS in LITTLE SAIGON. Police can't came up any infor about LE, Hoang because hijacked phone number so, find him in no where. $80,000 thousands from sweat money never easy - all gone from 5 NAIL SALONS. YouTube. Nguoi viet daily news and Lien tuc tiem nail in LITTLE SAIGON bi luong gac. An educated gentleman his name is D-----... Ummm ummm. Guess who's BUMP do CRIME for living. Ip. & posted by: Scam/spam people reported his ass on Google. Ask me he said. (Emphasis from original.) Oh sure, so lovely that's way on Google reported. Scammers nothing hard to see (a) education below SEA LEVEL because you never hang them MATH and SCIENCE tests (b) CRIME DOER never understand aerodynamic or aerospace and without checks them in first-round but instead, dive into the games never real - unhealthy and unnecessary oh, writing English skills or speak English when, speak English doesn't standfort measures of intelligence. Toyota not needed speak English. High Tech computer only came from Tokyo was required permission from .GOV because that smart computer could manufacturer BOMB. Never saw on Google. Only using in heavy industries. You knew prison population by RACE. Google. No body but speak English when ESL combines only 1.7 %. In Welfare population by RACE very much the same speak English 98.4%. Google. ESL 1.6%. Software chatting for scammers nothing news. Speak English TRUCKER only $600/week max $1,400/week when all ASIAN races TRUCKER minimum $1,600/week max $3,500/week. Indian TRUCKER making between $6,500 to $8,000/week not needed speak English. Chinese TRUCKER making $200,000/week not needed speak English and owned thousands big trucks. Vietnamese wearhouse semi truck tires DAR DA NANG Rubber in America making $2 millions/week. Can't showing you website or their business because these HACKERS. Korean never poor. Em nail speak Vietnamese millionaires feel good. Software playing Chinese CHESS vs. Human. YouTube. Beware! GAY BOY love sick owned multopal profiles. Despite how Hunter women's thinking, you're in the eyes of MAN'S WORLD very sweet lovely good citizens. Mentally sometimes down but little Em in my eyes look so cute like Larry Bird. My own ear heard these Em confused and asked for advices. Em already received too many emails within 24 hrs! 25% CRIME DOER increased. FBI.GOV. The man will talk to you and will supplies necessary in life plz no doubt that's the way supposed to be. You will facing BEG n CRY from these dudes believe that - nothing news. No surprise! Vietnamese BUMP and PIMP will call you all day and, you will hear like this, Anh house owner. Just like that repeated and repeatedly and, requested your photos when the man never done it. PIMP and BUMP will asking you for sex at a later day. They raped and murder 7 women. Google YouTube. Dzung in Connecticut U.C. in 2005. Google. Amanda NGUYEN in Harvard U.C. Google. In 2018. Georgetown Vietnamese woman was raped and killed. Google. The man actually not needed you beautiful big and huge 'T' but instead, they love the ways you moved, love the ways you shy and smile. Be honest, you can't carry any dudes enjoy minimum wage. Footprints ahead! You don't want serve BUMP and his family that's too much. You wanted own your man. You wanted in his wallet nothing but his own ID and your photo not even a dollar left behind. Beware SPOOFCARD apps download could hijack any phone numbers. Don't take any account of them shhh do CRIME for living phone numbers because was Hijacked and SPOOFCARD help perfect. Hijack phone numbers no physical address. Call phone company lock your identity. Beware! Woman committed suicide because SCAM clean up her Bank Account. FBI.GOV. READ IT NOW, Many Em here provided phone and unlocked your house address. I'm protect you. PIMP BUMP nothing but hunting woman for sex! Cybercrime hunting woman for both sex and Jen like in Chinese movies or in the SIN CITY Hollywood producers. Watch out! Online date raped and killed NGUYEN in Georgetown 2018. 24 stabbed in her chest neck and face. Sex offenders nearby Google search and FBI.GOV now published. I'm read palms very well. Your life your man shown on your palms. How many man you must been through shown on your palms. Love and sex totally 2 different things. Once you wait and start thinking to the other very much the other felted the same. Gun n roses never CRAZY when write and sang November rain. SCAM only chatting NO talk. Their ip & date posted below name very easy to geographic on MAP. One more BUMP SCAM from Netherlands. Below anderson saw (emphasis from original) was ip & posted by: Claimed in Houston, Texas. Actually BUMP trash can migrant to Netherlands. Another BUMP bryant ip. & posted by: Spam attack multiple people was reported by Google. Claimed in Westminster. These BUMP do too much, little Em watch out! I will find dangerously HACKERS. Beware! Play around with HACKERS will for sell your house and stores in auction once they successful stealing your papers. Super HACKER were founded during research. Mathew Jonathan on Google and here, history spam and scam attack up to 75%. Have been arrested thousands times! Ip. & posted by: Here anther one. Due Dang. Claimed in California. But, after GOOGLE search was done. Um um um, BUMP from UK. The one raped Em NGUYEN NAIL in London. Don't go no where, here dangerous suicide bombers. Hugc, claimed in Atlanta but, after GOOGLE search turned out Turk boy in Islamabad. Members of suicide bombers! You saw scammers their education at the time FBI force them to do MATH and SCIENCE tests. You saw that none of them could passed fractions! That ugly picture of them scammers on Google stay in people brain whatever more, how these dudes scammers could develop and manufacturer TV and computer as they're claimed Master Degrees online date. This is my drop, we should not continues discussion more about scammers, we should out the here, ran as fast as we can! Beware! Fake apps from HACKERS and SCAMMERS. Beware! Fake website of SCAMMERS and HACKERS.
 Free Time:  10 in 10 engineers Over here their name did not show on the list of the state's licensure BAR and, Vietnamese engineers. Wikipedia. Vietnamese American engineers category. Wikipedia. But instead in the hand of FBI specialist agent C13. Catch YouTube nguoi viet daily news. Living in this century surrounding by 86 MILLIONS CRIME DOER only 1/3 of them have been arrested. BTK killer. Zodiac killer and Golden State killer arrested recently too LATE. YouTube. Capital MURDER daily like normal. Google images Vietnamese woman have been shot to DEAD. Everywhere! Living in the socialize MURDER like shopping but act like sweet home HO, Chi Minh CITY. Reasoned why ZEROS Japanese; Chinese; Korean; German; Russian and the rest stay close or chatting with Capital MURDER by RACE. Wikipedia. I understand you are not used too with violence but to these criminal that is the only way for protect yourself - yelling! I understand once again you are lovely sweet but CRIME DOER target you follow you to your house. I'm not violence just never FEAR at CRIMINAL. I CATCHED subways transit first times and last times in North Hollywood to Los Angeles! A whole bunch people like jungle put faces close to woman breasts like normal! Smells feet and armpits smell too strong knocked me out! They are shhhh on the sidewalk! These people there looking too scary! America never nice like you was thought! Oakland and San Jose NO damn nice! Below freeway bridge homeless smoking dope. San Francisco hello, homeless cover the City. YouTube. Downtown Los Angeles oh wee! They was stoped my truck for BEG n CRY and claimed up to my door, forced me Bruce LEE on their ass. Terrible! Portland, Oregon. Downtown nasty terrible! Horrible! Nasty mother f+cker! Drug and alcohol addict! Seattle Washington smoke wee and do drug in transit when police walk by hello yo! Phoenix, Airzona. Terrible! Shoot dope behind my trailer! Salt Lake City, Utah. No MERCY! Smoke dope in truck stop than walking around hey you go ahead run over me! Kansas nothing but cool freeways empty very quiet peacefully. Idaho see nothing, Montana nothing, North and South Dakota clean, Wyoming and Nebraska cool, Iowa not BAD but Chicago South oh no! When didn't hear GUN FIRE maybe only in winter time. San Antonio, Dallas and Houston world capital MURDER! Montgomery Alabama and Atlanta Georgia SCARED me too DEAD but these Vietnamese living there seems like normally relationship with the BLACK! Wisconsin too cold no room for shhh! New York City and New Jersey capital of cybercrime! They're living in abandoned buildings. Indiana and Ohio states cool not BAD. Vietnamese nail salon in Arizona have been SCAM by phone call stressed see her in COURT. She SCARED! She SCARED! Hang over her credit for SCAM used! Girl ain't SCARED NO ONE. Kingman Arizona at TA truck stop, white woman came to my TRUCK cry like this or like that than, asking for loan $200 without any hesitate/shy! I never alone always infantry behind but hard time with them. Not everybody BAD but, hello prepare for. Vietnamese nail in Texas came to live stream regarding black CRIME DOER fellow her. These sucker located Vietnamese for home invasion homicide rape and MURDER Vietnamese woman. Read to understand how MURDER suspect located victims with a clear strategic. Houston department of mentioned in NGUYEN MURDER. Em nail see you later. Best way are talk. I'm cut in front SCAM several times until they are mad, from Em master degree to mother f+cker, f+cking shhhh, you're b+tch cuz cuz and cuz. Alike 3 black dudes ROBBERY in LITTLE SAIGON. YouTube. Only chatting buy your DEAD! Watch out for NGUYEN, Oanh fake house payment when your money going to her account and now Vietnamese people was forced out of their own house because NGUYEN, Oanh mortgage payments already sold your house and my house. Once they're successful stealing your house papers or store like nail salon will for sale online auction. Watch out! Google details. Why an educated people like do CRIME! Google (SCAM targeting Vietnamese community.) In trucking BUSINESS the same game SCAM too much! Do not leased your truck to no one because they will sell your truck for auction! I don't have much time to remind you. Ask doesn't hurt; consulting never hurts-why NOT!
 I Am:  I'm using art to painting a picture for myself. Unfortunately not many intelligence measured could see. Excepted one little woman! Was told using song and a storyline of Cleopatra and Anthony to describing yourself. She said. Picasso and his art paints shocking the WORLD but look normal, only somebody with the eyes of artists see the best of him. Vanguard and his paints was never values until the artist passed away. At the time Vanguard alive must sell his art in paint for bread only no meats or sausage nothing, and die in silence. Now his painted in museum of Holland. like TRUONG VU singing [ eo le cuoc tinh.] Implies, will accepted you are, will cover all. Nothing worried. I'm enjoying old school LIFE - like a song millions roses 🌹 of Russian; like the piano Romantic sold a love soft song. Implies, LOVE always rough from beginning but with experience could solve all problems. like romantic crystal blue ocean wave delivery whisper sounds one after the others sent lover to sleeping tied; like MOON lights SANOTA impressed two became one - non stop and won't stop - when thunder storm outside continues licking the window and when inside romantic piano continues playing love soft song - baby you're my lady and I'm your man. Ummm huhhh . Based on a story the dog continues licking owner in hopes any sigh when owner already R.I.P. dog keep hoping until energy ran out and RIP. Implies, one down everybody down. When Cleopatra and Anthony two became one on the ship while moon light SANOTA impressed them crystal blue ocean wave delivery whisper sounds. Implies can't live without each other. I'm experienced in life and making love very knowledgeable experiences Vietnamese style. I never overlapped anyone. I'm big mouth playing hard but at the end will go home with good money for LITTLE beautiful waiting at home. Block your email for contact only. Turned off cookies from your phone. Take your computer battery off that is the only way to stop malware virus stealing your Bank account and identity. When such individuals boring just let them go. As human beings but dry no art and zero artists BLOOD in veins - that's it. Can't do a damn thing. Italian songs very romantic, their car so romantic, their clothes only Hollywood stars, their furniture so romantic. French people very romantic and thier things for women no complaints, Japanese replies on art to build auto, look at Japanese house very art. Take a look at Chinese tourists on YouTube. Without romantic and artists in blood veins can't live long and on medication like Wal-Mart pharmacy. Italian overwhelming Hollywood film. Dry people you don't want hang around believe me million in million are older than age and bad breath. They are caused major headache. Don't try!
 Looking For:  any Em like talking then I'm the right man. Beware SCAM messages via text. Do not touch anything or Bank account will EMPTY.

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